Parking Lot Information

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  • Free Parking Information

    Classification Free hours Remarks
    Outpatients 5 hours
    • Only one vehicle on the same day
    • At the time of departure, please present the medical treatment card (receipt of medical expense payment) or free parking confirmation to the parking fee adjustment office.
    • If the free parking hours are exceeded, parking fee will be charged accordingly.
    • Free parking hours include 30 minutes of the initial free parking time.
    Artificial kidney dialysis 8 hours
    Guardians of a surgical patient 8 hours
    Mid-deposit visitors 1 hour
    Treatment at the Emergency Medical Center 8 hours
    Business related visit 1 hour
    Emergency patrol vehicle Free
    Public service vehicle Free
    Volunteer vehicle Free
    Chief mourner’s vehicles of the Funeral Home 5 cars are free by family in mourning Only for registered cars

    Parking Fee Information

    Use hours Free hours Fee details
    Nighttime 6:00 ~ 22:00 500 won per 10 minutes 30 minutes free after entry
    Daytime 22:00 ~ 6:00 300 won per 10 minutes
    • 7,000 won per day is the maximum parking fee.

    Parking Fee Discount

    Classification Discount rate (amount) Remarks
    Patients with a disability 50% If the relevant car mark is attached and the welfare card is presented
    Disabled veteran 50%
    Long-term hospitalization patients 1 day 7,000 won
    • Issuing place: Parking management room (weekdays from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm)
    • Parking guide on the first floor (weekdays from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm)
    • Issued only for one designated car
    • When refunding, the remaining amount after deducting the discount amount for number of hospitalization days (using at least 24 hours) will be refunded.
    2 days 12,000 won
    3 days 15,000 won
    4 days 18,000 won
    5 days 21,000 won
    6 days 24,000 won
    After 6 days 2,000 won per day

    Precautions for Using the Parking Lot

    • At the time of departure, you are required to present the medical treatment card (receipt of medical expenses payment) or the free parking confirmation to the parking fee adjustment office for the reduction of parking fee or free parking benefit.
    • The responsibility for the damage or theft of your car, losing valuables, etc., belongs to the user, and we are not responsible for it.
    • A fine of 100,000 won will be charged for the violation of the parking areas dedicated for the disabled. (Articles 17 and 27 of the Act on the Promotion of the Convenience of the Disabled, Elderly, and Pregnant Women)
    • When idling your car, a fine of less than 50,000 won will be imposed to you pursuant to Article 59 of the Air Quality Preservation Act..