International Health Care Center

One of the major global medical institutions, St. Vincent Hospital provides medical services to foreigners and spreads advanced medical techniques

In June 2009, the International Health Care Center opened on the 2nd floor of the Health Promotion Center located in the annex to provide medical services to foreigners living or traveling in Korea. After its opening, it was registered as a medical institution to attract foreign patients. The Committee for Medical Treatment of Foreigners was organized in 2010, and the International Health Care Center was relocated on the first floor of the main building. In 2011, it signed a MOU with ‘St. Vincent Medical Center, LA’ and was selected to participate in a project to develop medical technology to attract foreigners in the region as the winner of the Korea Medical Promotion Technology award.

The International Health Care Center continued growing by performing video consultations with patients in LA, signing a MOU with the Graduate School of Public Health of the Ministry of Health in Khabarovsk, Russia, the Kazakhstan Ministry of Health and Almaty Cancer Center in 2011, and organizing a healthcare management program for hospital residents in 2012. Afterwards, it signed a MOU with Shantung Zaozhuang City Hospital (China) in 2013, was designated an affiliated hospital for medical training programs of the Kazakhstan Ministry of Education and Science at the government expense, concluded a business agreement with TRICARE, an insurance company of the US Forces in Korea, signed a business contract with G.A.P, an agency for payment guarantee of overseas insurance companies in 2014, held the first USFK Conference and signed a MOU with Far Eastern Federal University of Khabarovsk, Russia in 2016.

The International Health Care Center has doctors who can communicate in English as well as medical coordinators fluent in English and Russian to offer foreign patients with a wide range of quality medical services, including medical examination and physical exams for visa issuance. The center also provides the following services: video consultations before visiting the country, sending an appointment card, medical certificate and invitation card, airport pickup service, interpretation services and a happy call service to assist foreigners.

About 1,000 patients a year from different countries visit the International Health Care Center. The center not only provides medical support services within the hospital, but also spreads advanced medical technology through overseas promotional activities and exchanges with the ministry of health and medical institutions from other countries. These activities have increased St. Vincent Hospital’s international reputation. Additionally, it is offering medical services for the US Forces and their families based on a business agreement with TRICARE. It is also helping foreigners living in Korea to receive medical support services in a comfortable environment. Besides attracting patients and providing medical services, the center organizes training programs for healthcare providers around the world to foster medical professionals and to strengthen an overseas network with various countries.

The International Health Care Center will expand along with St. Vincent Hospital’s Cancer Center that will be established to attract more foreign patients and provide convenient medical services to foreigners. Furthermore, it will increase the number of agreements with overseas medical institutions to develop medical treatment and services as well as medical technologies in countries that lack good medical facilities. It will make an effort in becoming a genuinely global medical institution organizing symposiums and share care programs. Following St. Vincent’s spirituality, St. Vincent Hospital will provide the best medical services and inform foreign patients about advanced medical technology so as to widely spread the status of St. Vincent Hospital throughout the world.